Industrial Sorting Machine

Increasing the reliability as well as quality of the products and services is crucial for all manufacturer. Those that work to shortened delivery times and advanced levels of distribution need to depend on Industrial Sorting Machine which will meet the supplies of their clients while optimizing efficiency to remain competitory. The sorting systems have an integral part in insuring goods and products across an ambit of industries. Manufacturers appreciate the capacity, speed and accuracy benefits of these automated sorting machinery brings to the production line. Industrial Sorting Machines are capable to systematically perform the same repetitive movement to the same standard, reducing the prospect of injuries as well as accidents. Their ability to sort as well as count goods of all shapes and sizes mean they can well fit into all production procedures and add significant advantages.
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Belt Color Sorter

This Belt Color Sorter comes with cascade plate and narrow chute channel to meet the color sorting for various materials. Integrated with a color CCD image acquisition system, this color sorting machine acquires the comprehensive information of red, green and blue color. This sorting machine has an excellent sensory ability of human eye, making better selection of materials. The machine features excellent resolution that can accurately identify small defects and spots on raw materials.

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Quartz Sand Industrial Sorting Machine


  • Processing capacity (tons / hour):3-8
  • Color accuracy(%):≥99.99%
  • A sorting out than optimal:3 : 1
  • Two sorting optimal tape than:≥8:1
  • Power supply voltage(V):AC220 


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